EPWA is ontstaan vanuit de samenwerking tussen de Faculteit Diergeneeskunde, Fonds Vrienden Diergeneeskunde en Stichting De Paardenkamp.

Gezamenlijk brachten wij de kennis en ervaring in die is gebundeld in EPWA, De nieuwe App voor Pijnherkenning en Welzijn bij paarden en ezels.

Stichting De Paardenkamp in Soest - The national shelter and knowledge center for older horses.
Letting horses and ponies enjoy a well-deserved old age after their twentieth year of life, is what the people of De Paardenkamp Foundation do on a daily basis. Thanks to donors, sponsors and volunteers, 120 horses and ponies find a well-kept home on our three farms with plenty of grazing and stable areas.

Besides that, owners of all 45,000 other elderly horses in the Netherlands can contact us for questions or tips about the care, feeding and grazing of their horse.
Visit us in Soest and meet the horses and ponies of De Paardenkamp.
We are open 7 days a week from 10 am - 16 pm and are accessible free of charge.

Utrecht University - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
We are the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the veterinary knowledge center in the Netherlands. We build bridges between science and society and provide specialist care in the largest academic animal hospital in Europe. We believe in multidisciplinary cooperation with our partners, both nationally and internationally.

Fund Friends Veterinary Medicine
Friends Veterinary Medicine is the fund of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht University. We raise money for research and innovative top-quality care that promote and protect the health and well-being of animals.

We kunnen EPWA gratis beschikbaar stellen dankzij deze partners en sponsors