With the help of many animal lovers and the organizations below, we can make EPWA available for free to all horse owners and caretakers.
We would like you to meet them!

Donors of: Stichting De Paardenkamp and Fund Friends Veterinary Medicine

Dechra Veterinary Products
Stichting De Ezelsociëteit
Donkey Sanctuary
Stichting Nijdier

SCM fonds voor de ruitersport
Moyra Stava Morena Stichting
De Ezelvereniging

Fotocredits EPWA:
Nikki de Kerf fotografie: www.fotogenikki.nl
Hans Brongers: www.hansbrongers.nl
Tjerk Ridder: www.tjerkridder.com
Fotomateriaal Ezels: The Donkey Sanctuary

Tekeningen en Iconen:
Pascale Berens-Nales

App development
eHeroes: www.eheroes.nl